Bryan Manor is a 100  bed Intermediate Care Facility for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities. Our current house opened in 2008 although we have been providing residential programs and services since 1977. We are a not for profit organization dedicated to providing specialized residential options for adults with developmental disabilities. Located in Centralia, Illinois, our organization provides very unique and specialized services for persons who have a primary diagnosis of intellectual disabilities, but also have significant physical and health care needs. Approximately 90% of the residents of Bryan Manor function in the severe or profound range of mental retardation.


As a licensed ICF/IID provider, our primary purpose is to provide active treatment and services so each person functions with as much self-determination and independence as possible. We provide a very safe and comfortable home-like environment for the individuals in our care, while insuring that everyone has every opportunity to make choices and have control over their lives.


Those who may be interested in admission to Bryan Manor must be screened by their local Case Coordination Agency to determine eligibility. Case Coordination Agency information may be obtained at or by calling 1-800-843-6154 or 1-800-447-6404 TTY. If deemed eligible, our social worker will meet with the applicant and their family or representatives to determine if we can provide appropriate services for the applicant. Those who are eligible and can benefit from our services will be admitted when there is a current opening.


Bryan Manor is a smoke-free and tobacco-free facility.


As a specialized ICF/IID program, Bryan Manor provides many services for persons who require daily nursing care. Licensed professional nurses provide 24 hour health care services including medication administration, I-V therapy, oxygen therapy, enteral feeding via gastrostomy tube, ostomy care, c-pap or bi-pap, and wound care. We also provide physical, occupational, and speech therapies. Although we are not a nursing home, we built our house to provide nursing services while allowing individuals to participate in all daily activities, in and outside the home.

Many of the individuals who live at Bryan Manor cannot attend an off-site work program because of health related conditions. The local workshop provides vocational/day training services at home for these individuals. Vocational and day training services are also available in the community and specialized transportation is provided.